Curriculum Vitae

Dr. med. Raimund Voelker

Specialist in surgery, trauma surgery and sports medicine

Dr. Völker studied at the Free University in Berlin with stays abroad at the Surgical Clinic in Prague / Czech Republic and at the Mount Sinai School in New York / USA.

Dr. Völker completed his surgical training with Prof. H. D. Clevert at the DRK-Kliniken Berlin (Academic Teaching Hospital of the Charité Berlin). As a surgical senior physician in visceral and thoracic surgery at PD. Dr. P. Schneider, Dr. Völker gained experience in tissue-conserving endoscopic and minimally invasive surgical techniques. In order to expand his surgical spectrum, he worked for PD. Dr. H. Schauwecker, Head of Trauma Surgery, and Prof. M. Faensen, Head of the German Centre for Surface Replacement of the Hip Joint at the DRK-Kliniken Berlin. Accident surgery and hip surgery became the focus of his surgical activities until Dr. Völker devoted himself exclusively to hip surgery. From 2008 to 2009 he also worked as a consultant at the SCHREIBER-Klinik in Munich. Since October 2009, Dr. Raimund Völker has been managing the hip center at the ATOS Klinik München on his own and has been working as a hip specialist at the JOSEPHINUM Klinik München since 2010.

Dr. Völker specializes in hip surgery and in particular in bone-preserving, gentle surgical methods that change the hip joint as little as possible. In addition to standard endoprosthetics, he is one of the surgeons internationally with the greatest experience in surface replacement of the hip joint, where the bone is crowned like in dentistry. He has also gained special recognition in the treatment of the short shaft. Dr. Völker uses only proven original implants and regularly carries out teaching and training operations at home and abroad.

Abitur at the Canisius-Kolleg in Berlin

Study of Human Medicine at the Free University of Berlin

Study stays in Prague and New York

License to practice medicine at Freie Universität Berlin

since 2000
Senior physician in surgery at the DRK-Kliniken Berlin

since 2003
Senior Physician at the Center for Surface Replacement of the Hip Joint at the DRK Clinics in Berlin

Additional consulting physician in the SCHREIBER Clinic, Munich

since 2009
Independent director of the Center for Hip Surgery at the ATOS Private Clinic Munich, hip specialist at the JOSEPHINUM Munich (until 2017) and Clinic Dr. Decker Munich (since 2017)

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