Arthrosis and its causes

Arthrose und ihre Ursachen

The hip connects the femur with the acetabulum in the pelvic bone. The spherical femoral head is located at the upper end of the femur. It is covered with smooth cartilage and slides in the acetabulum, which is also lined with a layer of cartilage.

A joint capsule encloses the hip joint and keeps it stable together with the muscle, tendon and ligament apparatus. The inner skin of the joint capsule produces the “joint lubricant”. It keeps the joint cartilage elastic and at the same time keeps the two bones in the joint at a distance – for smooth and painless movement.

Arthrosis is the gradual wear of the joint surfaces, i.e. the cartilage layer protecting the joint is destroyed. The bones rub against each other in the joint, wear out and deform. The consequences are severe pain.

The age and general wear and tear of the joints, but also misuse and overloading, joint inflammation, accidents and injuries or even congenital malpositions (e.g. hip dysplasia) can be causes for the development of osteoarthritis.

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