Ceramic – Implants (TEP)

Beispiel Hueft-TEP

A good option is an artificial hip joint of the latest generation made of ceramic.

This excellent and particularly abrasion-resistant solution is particularly indicated for patients with metal allergies or kidney dysfunctions, but also for young women who wish to have children.

ceramic implant

The previously known problems associated with the use of ceramics, such as the use of only small head sizes, the risk of breakage or squeaking, are now minimized when using the leading Delta ceramic technology. It has been possible to produce a ceramic-ceramic sliding pairing which also allows slightly larger head sizes. This reduces the risk of dislocation.

This elegant solution is particularly suitable for active people. Due to the size of the head, there are the advantages of a greater range of movement, the aforementioned increase in protection against dislocation and long durability. In addition, the use of ceramics prevents metal or even plastic abrasion as with conventional sliding pairings. A titanium stem is used for anchoring in the femur, which has been tried and tested for a long time and has been proven to achieve excellent results.

The pictures show the Deltamotion™ in combination with a cementless Spotorno-Schaft™ .

Range of movement of the ceramic implant
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