Therapy of Arthritis without surgery: Molecular Biophysical Stimulation

Arthrosebehandlung ohne Operation: Molekulare Biophysikalische Stimulation (MBST)

Molecular Biophysical Stimulation Treatment (MBST®)*

Biophysical stimulation is based on the same principle as the diagnostic magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The method has been developed with the aim of activating the endogenous cellular metabolism, in order to allow regeneration of a defective cartilage or bone tissue. Every patient receives individual therapy and scoresheets before and after therapy (3,6,12 months).

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Arthrosebehandlung ohne Operation: Molekulare Biophysikalische Stimulation (MBST)
Arthrosis treatment without surgery: Molecular Biophysical Stimulation (MBST)

The bio signal therapy may be used after medical diagnosis for the following conditions:


  • in hip and knee joints
  • in the shoulder and elbow joints
  • Foot and ankle
  • the facet joints
  • at polyarthrosis

Other application options by arrangement can be:

  • Disc wear *
  • osteoporosis *
  • chronic back pain *
  • avascular necrosis, circulatory disorders of the bone *
  • after sports and accident injuries involving the joints, bones, muscles, tendons or ligaments *
  • after bone fractures *
  • Ligament and tendon disorders *

The course of treatment method, depending on the specific diagnosis, is used in five, seven or nine one-hour sessions. The treatment is perceived as pleasant because the patients can sit or lie. This gentle method is performed without surgery and is painless. So far no side effects have occurred.

* Note for Consumers
The molecular biophysical stimulation is an innovative alternative method of treatment. The application and treatment recommendation of bio signal therapy is carried out exclusively by specialists diagnosis. Questions about the effectiveness of the therapy and the application areas can be clarified in consultation with the specialist. The molecular biophysical stimulation is not currently part of the benefit package of the statutory health insurance funds. Private insurances, additional funds and professional associations refund medical costs entirely or partially after specialists advice in many cases or after approval by the medical service . Representatives of orthodox medicine see this therapy in terms of their effectiveness as “scientifically not sufficiently secured“.

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